Welcome to Journey Cat Design!

I’m Christy, the voice and designer behind Journey Cat Design, and I’m delighted that you decided to visit. This blog is  a safe and supportive space where creativity is nurtured and learning is limitless.

On this journey to a more authentic life, I have come to the conclusion that much of what imagined I am or need to be is an illusion. An former elementary educator and teacher for ten years, a dutiful wife, and a writer, with the all-too-unreasonable expectations of performance by myself and others constantly minimizing the joy of what I was doing.

Today, I am an artist. I am focused on the joy of creating, the wonder of healing, and the beauty of connecting with you, my fellow sensitive souls. 

I created Journey Cat Design as a way to document and share my explorations into bullet journaling, hand-lettering, graphic design,  cartography, and other artistic endeavors.  What I long for more than anything is to connect to others who love art and mindful living.

We all have the chance to break through perfectionism and doubt.  Let’s do this together and create a community that truly cares.